Mathematical papers of John Atwell Moody
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K-12 Economics
The Universe Explorer
Standing Waves
Nine notes on modular forms
The meaning of positive and negative (from nine notes)
First introduction to toric geometry
Epilogue to K-12 Economics
Wittgenstein's conception of intentionality
Classical mechanics primer
Physics II
Comments about Hilbert's 16'th problem
Arc lifting for the Nash manifold
Solution of the faithfulness question for the Burau representation
Treatment intensity for pathogens of a compound life cycle
Solution of Poincare's vector field problem
Euler's equation of fluid flow -- first notions
Easy things which number theorists know
Functorial affinization of Nash's manifold
A philosophy article about government policy, the environment (2003)
Proofs of results in 'affinization
Definition of Mathematics (open source with many authors)
R Laver, J. Moody, Well foundedness conjecture about left distributivity
Judicial impartiality
Deformation theory
On resolving singularities
Indeterminacy of a Morphism
Riemann-Roch after Fulton
Some initial remarks about it
On resolving vector fields
Brauer induction for G_0 of certain infinite groups (1987)
Proof of P≠NP for a special case of unprotected source code
More about P≠NP
Adjunction and duality.
Finite generation and the Gauss process.
J. Birman, J. Moody, Obstructions to trivializing a knot
On Gorensteinzation of toric varieties
Birman, Long, Moody, Finite dimensional representations of Artin's braid group
Divisibility of ideals and blowing up
Relations between two singular foliations on a surface.
Lie groups
Our research shows exactly what they need to do
An explicit Chern character
Imperial College
Does Matt really accuse Jerry, or is he introducing new language? About the Jonelle Eshbach presentment
Letter to Ziegler
The eight unanswered legal questions in the Jerry Sandusky case.
reflections of judaism and catholicism
Three interpretations of Regle du jeu
A right of privacy reconciled with right of information
(tentative: gender)
(tentative: thinking)
(tentative: the mathematics of politics) North Korean dream video (external link)
Case 99834 (archived from 2011)
Ice cream cloud project (mirror of external link)
The Sloan-Pelling video (external link)
(a sound file)
Wrong answer on the Durham CEM 2013 familiarization sheet
Network Rail / protected species
Hodge theory example sheet
Northern Lights
The green Magnesium Star triplet
The yellow Sodium doublet
The Carbon spectrum
Intuitive explanation of the Riemann hypothesis
        ...elliptic curves primer
        ...Functional equations and symmetry
Blog post

Post-retirement projects
        ... Examples and simplifications related to the Fermat equation
        ... "Conservation of energy" for GCSE students
        ... chatGPT -- how does it work.
        ... Cyclic 4-tensor rotations which underly training a GPT-style encoder.
        ... A GPT utility program (online)
        ... pdf User manual for GPT utlity.